fall 2018: fill in the gaps in your capsule wardrobe now the Shopbop sale is here

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Wearing this awesome flared pair, my knot sandals in denim, they only have the leather ones left and my anine Bing knit. 

I don't know about you, but this is always a bit of a crisis moment in my wardrobe, I've started stocking up on sweaters, got my eye on a new coat, but suddenly I realized that apart from my flared ones, i don't like any of my jeans anymore. And I need, need, need some booties pronto. It is still warm outside, even if we are in London now, and I have been sweating in changing rooms around town, trying out all the new jeans on offer. I am sorry to say, but I always do this, I try them on in store, and order online. I make my list, wait for the Shopbop sale and go. This year, it has been especially tricky; suddenly everything is very cozy, cute, the jeans are all a perfect fit; designers decided to provide us with precisely what we need. Thank you!

The Code is: STOCKUP18

Anyway, these are the items I will stock up on, and some other very cute ones I found or own:

Coats and jackets: If you don't already own the Madewell moto jacket, run, Especially at this price point. Every cool girl in London is wearing this blazer, they have different versions, with another color running through the check print and they are all so worth it.

Sweaters: I do have some good ones in the rotation already, Sezane and Anine bing ones, but I need some neutral ones and are going for this one, this one and this cashmere one, all in cream.

Jeans: This is where I will spend the bulk of my money. The best thing about this sale is that you can get the newest styles at a discount and apart from the Nordstrom sale, that doesn't happen.
I don't understand why Isabel Marant's denim isn't more popular. I have a pair from 8 years ago, that is still in perfect condition and style, they are amazing, and these winter whites ones are dreamy and so cool. The jeans of the season are these by Re/Done, I tried them on yesterday, and for taller girls like me these are amazing! For you classic everyday jeans you cannot go wrong with this pair. Or this one. Can't choose, bought them both. And Paige makes the best black jeans, period.

I don't need new tops, that is the one item I am swimming in, but these are the ones I own and can recommend: This is the best striped shirt ever, so comfy and flattering. These are my favorite sweatshirts and this color is darling. And I am also always wearing my Sundry ones. And I love the sleeves on this one.  This is the sexiest and comfiest cami

I am not going to try the dad sneaker trend, it is not for me. I like my sneakers still to be classic, and versatile. For white ones I am going this very affordable pair, I don't want to spend too much on white ones for obvious reasons, but these are incredibly comfortable. And I also bought these, and I'm in love with them, fifties meets nineties perfection.  won these cute rain boots and can Highly recommend them, they go with everything, and do not mess with whatever outfit you got going on.As for booties I am still trying to choose between this pair and these. 

As for bags, apart from the Shinola carry one, that I carry on the photo, I only carry my Staud ones these days, I love the Bisset bag, but if you don't own a Staud bag the Shirley bag is everything you need this winter, so so cool, and trust me, irl it is even better.

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