French beauty, a favorite shampoo

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Our little French village near Geneva doesn't have many shops. A lot of hairdressers, some enormous supermarkets and a killer market every Saturday, that is about it. But we have a lot of pharmacies. One as big as Zara.
Everyone from Goop, to In to the gloss, to the Pixi Woo girls have raved about buying beauty products at French pharmacies. Couldn't agree more. You can see that the French companies pride them self for their research and, because of strict laws, are very eager to advertise that their products are safe. The moment parabens where labelled as unsafe, Caudelie, Nuxe, Embryolisse would specifically states that their products were parabenfree.
I thought I would share  some of my all time favorites and new discoveries in the time to come.
First my all time favorite product: Phytocitrus Restructuring shampoo for color-treated hair. I have been using this shampoo for years now. Nothing beats it. It is indicated for colored or highlighted hair, in my opinion this only means blond.

I wouldn' t recommend it for any other color hair. I will explain it in a bit. Phytocitrus is quite different from other shampoos. It has a bright yellow, thick texture, with a distinct smell. Grapefruity, almost bitter. For most shampoos it is better not to leave them too long, this one specifically tells you to do it.
When you wash it out sometimes your hair can feel a bit rough. I know it all sounds strange, bitter, rough, but the magic of this shampoo is that I almost never use a conditioner with it. Normally I let my hair air dry. It gives it volume, and softness. It won' t make it silky, but you can use a hair cream when it is still damp or blow dry it. My favorite thing about this shampoo, that it does something magical to blonde hair. It makes it lighter, shinier, and takes the brassiness out. Even when I use a purple shampoo I don' t get the same results. (the only product I know that has the same effect is Huile de palme by Leonor Greyl)