Social distancing has changed the way I want to decorate my house (and my favorite loungewear right now)

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How is everyone doing? Are you pouring ice cream on your pasta, or are you handling this lockdown like a trooper?  I'm used to working from home, so it is not such a big stretch for me, but still, there's no walk to clear my head, no movie nights, no restaurants, no face to face. Going out only once a week to get groceries, is very hard. Fortunately, we just moved into a new house. And there's a ton to do. Marlon is handling the garden; I'm 'in charge' of the interiors. Here we hear every day that this shutdown will take longer than we thought, so I hope to emerge from this period having fixed this whole house up.
The strange thing is that being forced to spend so much time inside, I'm quite active and like to be outside most of the time, has changed my plans for the house. It's very close to the beach, so I thought I had my decorating scheme down. I have a folder on my phone of pictures of beach houses that is getting ridiculous. I intended to go all the way in that coastal direction. But what I knew for sure was that I wanted this house to be a relaxing surf shack. But seeing that the house has a lot of wood, and most of it is quite dark. My vision was clashing with reality.
The most important thing I want is a place that relaxes me, the moment I walk in. Most of my pictures on my phone feature superwhite areas, white kitchen, white couches; you get the gist—a Leanne Ford kind of vibe. Now I love her esthetic, and I am still incorporating lots of white, don't get me wrong, but now that I'm stuck inside I'm even more convinced that I want a chill house, comfortable and cozy, and when everything is too white, it's just too stark. And I like wood; I like metal; I like big furniture and subtle colors.
Before this whole stay home thing started, I imagined a house where you can come home after a long day and cozy up with comfort food, good tunes, and play poker and backgammon all night. And now being cooped up in the house, I understand how to get that vibe.  You can follow along on my Instagram; things are moving slow, seeing that this house we will have to do it all by ourselves, but at least something is moving.
So, still a lot of white, but I'll mix it up, with wood, concrete, rugs, and homey colors on the walls.
And after two weeks of pretending to get dressed as usual, I am also changing my style, going for a comfy surf/stuck at-home vibe.
What are you doing during the shutdown? Are you tackling DIY projects, redecorating, or are you attached on the couch and okay with it? Anyway, take good care of yourself! Stay safe.

 PS. If you are looking for Dakota's top, it's Celine, but Other stories has a nice alternative HERE
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