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Fashion trends: Get her '70 wardrobe: Goldie Hawn

When I look back at our seventies icons; Faye Dunaway, Jacqueline Bisset, Ali MacGraw, they are all so so stylish, but a bit...serious? If one girl always seemed to have fun, as she still always seems to be having, it's Goldie.
I am sure Kate Hudson took some notes, and maybe even stole some from her mom's closet, when she played Penny Lane.

So take inspiration for the seventies trend from the ultimate sunny Californian , lots of peasant dresses, stripes, flares...
And check her out being so young and so funny)

Fashion trends: Get her '70 wardrobe: Goldie Hawn

Fashion trends: Get her '70 wardrobe: Goldie Hawn

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9 essential seventies movies

Sure it is the decade of The Godfather, Taxidriver, Jaws. Close encounters, Star Wars... All very pumped up testosterone/let's slam the face in poor Diane Keaton's face type of movies. But the seventies also brought so many juicy women's roles. Chick flicks didn't exist, films were still aimed at grown-ups, (that is why they still feel so modern now) and girls and women on screen were refreshing, ambiguous, and courageous, while wearing the best wardrobes ever!

Scroll down for the movies to put on your to watch list!

Badlands is one of the best crime movies of all time. Sissy plays Holly, the 14-year old girlfriend of a James Dean wannabee who goes on a killing spree. It is a gorgeous dreamy movie told in voice over by Holly. Sissy is at times innocent, at times creepy, her voice soft, her eyes piercing. She remains mysterious throughout, nowhere really showing what she thinks about the murders. Is she a psychopath, or just a girl?
Three women where Sissy Spacek plays Pinky Rose is another disturbing role for Spacek. This Altman is maybe a little hard to take, but it is makes for a compelling watch. 
And then there is always Carrie, hooray for the creepy movie queen of the seventies!

I can't imagine somebody not having seen this movie, so no explanation. Let's just say that being a pink lady, that is the dream. What I really like about Grease, aside of everything, is the camaraderie of the ladies. Sure Sandy gets hazed by Rizzo, but in the end, the girls have each other's back.

Sometimes I think it is too bad that Diane Keaton's role has been reduced to way she looks so good wearing pants. Annie is such a great role, I love her vulnerability when she sings, her foolishness when she drives, her intelligence, paired with a certain silliness to match Woody Allen's. And yes she is and will always be a fashion icon.

We may forget this, but Jane Fonda was the best actress of the seventies, and her role in Klute, where she plays a high class call girl chased by a serial killer is a marvel. Tough, layered, confrontational. Searching. Funny. Brilliant.

 I saw Alice doesn't live here anymore lots of times. It is one movie that is never mentioned when talking about Martin Scorsese, and like all of them is a gem.
Jodie has just a small role and the tomboyish delinquent she plays is such a great one! The whole movie is really great. Martin Scorsese follows Alice, a waitress, who keeps choosing bad men, and keeps leaving them, dragging her teenage son with her. Ellen Burnstein and Diane Ladd kill the scenes at the diner. But still little miss Foster stole my heart. ' You want to get high and ripple?'  

 Another movie another Oscar for Jane Fonda ( she also won for Klute). Hal Ashby made the most modern movies of the seventies, being the freewheeling hippie that he was, his stories, are shot and cut so the just flow by, as drifting in a daze. Coming Home was conceived by the then very political Fonda, and tells the story of a military wife who, when her husband is in Vietnam, falls for a paralysed vet. A subtle love story, with an uncertain ending, a great sex scene, and again standout performances.

 Shampoo is a movie about a guy having too much fun and realizing too late whet really is important in his life. He is very lucky to be surrounded by gorgeous women. Imagine this movie being made today? It would be such a cheesy, clumsy, movie with one of those grown ass man acting like a child. Not here, it is a movie about disillusion, despair. And the most stylish movie of the seventies.

Chinatown, one of the greatest movies of all time, and Faye need no introduction. 'She is my sister. She is my daughter. She is my sister and my daughter.' Amazing!

Meryl Streep started by stealing scenes. she played small roles in the Deerhunter and Manhatten, but she is unforgettable in both. And In Kramer versus Kramer appearing only in a few scenes, as Joanna the mother who abandons her child with his father she managed to get the whole discussion going about working mother in just one scene. Watch it. I van see a great career in front of her, don't you?

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the seventies week!

Malgosia Bela style

Now that Mad Men is getting into the seventies groove, sideburns, bellbottoms, and all, and fashion is taking a clue from Klute, you can say that this spring the seventies are back. Again.
When historians will look back on this and last century, the seventies will be a threshold. A decennium, when a truly modern society got his wings, where freedom, women's rights, equality, exploration, imagination, and excess came together. Now, it is strange to see how some aspects progressed, and some changed and became more conservative.
Our continuing fascination with the seventies, is like the fascination that you will always have with our youth. Even if you are born in the nineties, it is this decade that is our adolescence. We were all teens in the seventies.

And anyway the farther away it is the better we remember it...
More seventies stuff to come this week...
First: Here are some of my favorite seventies inspired editorials.
Which decade do you love? What do you think about seventies fashion? Are you excited for Mad Men?
Toni Garnn style

Alexa Chung Style denim

Juslia Bergshoeff streetstyle

Julia Bergshoeff by Josh Olins for Vogue UK April 2015

Anna selezneva style
Julia Stegner Style

Dree Hemingway style

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Aloha! Summer is coming, and it's going to be rad

This winter was brutal, but the sun is out in full force and I am packing my bags, can't wait to hit the beach.
What are your plans for this summer? Are you planning your getaway? I hope you want to do more than just lie on the sand, getting a tan.
It's true, what they say: a fast way to happiness is to spend your money on experiences, and activities that you always wanted to try. So rent a wetsuit, hop on a mountain bike, take up paddle boarding, do a beach run. Be awesome this coming summer! The takeaway from it that it will make you fearless in other aspects of your life. It is a sure way to feeling more relaxed. The great thing trying new sports or activities is that it teaches you that failure is just a stepping stone. Don't be scared, just try it.

Here is some inspiration:

 * the gorgeous photo above is by Magdalena Kernan of MKCaptures

-this dreamy clip of World champion of surfing Steph Gilmore is so gorgeous, Watch the docu Stephanie in the water after!

-You really have to listen to this empowering TED talk by Watch Irish Surfer Easkey Britton where she talks about women in sports, and how having role models impacts out believes. It makes us powerful. She talks also about her documentary 'Into the sea' about her journey to Iran, where she wanted to teach young girls to surf. (The ocean doesn't care at all if you are a woman or a man!)

-Obviously surfer girls have awesome Instagram accounts, this one by Lakey Peterson one is my favorite.

-If your holiday is nowhere on the horizon, this stuff, loved by surfer girls, it is organic, vegan, handcrafted in Hawaii, will transport your to a beach stat!

-And if you need any more incentive to hit the water, like looking cuter than ever: Cameron Diaz killed it in this Lisa Marie Fernadez wetsuit on the cover of Cosmopolitan.

Have you planned your vacation yet? Are you lucky enough to live near the beach? Stoked?

Tee by Zoe Karssen

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You made it!

Clare Vivier Other Stories collaboration, Mamie Gunnar
It's March. The worst of winter is over! And this was a tough one. Not much sun at all. I used it wisely, worked like a mad woman on my novels, but still, I am so happy it is almost over, I can feel it. My dearest spring. Time to ditch the Sorels, and all that black. And celebrate with lots of color and prettiness. Have a great start of the week everyone!

-I have  a new jewelry obsession, maybe because this delicate jewelry is Australian, it makes me think of summer.
-All I am wearing these days are light, ripped jeans and sweaters. I am keeping the bottoms, and adding lots of pretty tops. This heart cut-out is really sweet.
-Can I plan my vacation outfit already? This top and these espadrilles, please.
-Love my record player, just bought so many new records, and can't wait for the new Best Coast and Passion Pit.
-I have been going through notebooks like crazy, oh bliss!, this one is my March one.
-OK one more
-I have been buying succulents as presents for myself forever. Love this idea...
-The Clare Vivier collaboration with Other Stories is dropping in three days, are you ready?

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