Just add tights

how to wear summer dress in fall Elkin dress

how to wear summer dress in fall Elkin dress

how to wear summer dress in fall Elkin dress

how to wear summer dress in fall Elkin dress

how to wear summer dress in fall Elkin dress
I'm not going to pretend the Sirocco, a very warm Southern wind, wasn't blowing, when I took these last week. But I did buy this white drop waist dress by Elkin to wear all through fall and winter. Here I just covered it up, simply, with my new favorite shirt from Zara, (seriously when you are in the shop, try it on, it is made from a great thick cotton.)
I bought the dress, yes to be worn with tights, but also because a this kind of dress, can be worn underneath a knit, with jeans, and heels and look like that extra cool (and warm) layer. But that option has to wait to things cool down here.

Fall outfit nr 2.

Shirt Zara
Dress Elkin on sale!
Bag Vanessa Bruno
bracelet Other Stories
sneakers Converse

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salad with courgette, feta grapes and pine nuts

 When in Italy I could eat courgette/zucchini and it's gorgeous flowers night and day. I always buy tons at my first market outing there. But you can only eat so much pasta with courgette and flowers.

many ways to wear your maxi skirt for fall

ways to wear your maxi skirt

ways to wear your maxiskirt this fall

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FALL SORTED OUT / the capsule wardrobe

 When you open your closet you search for something that will...
1. Be trendy
2. Make you stand out
3.Make you blend in
4. Hide your imperfections
5.Enhance you assets
6. Look cool
7.Look cute
8. Be comfortable
9.Express who you are
10.All of the above

No wonder the nothing to wear syndrome is so common. We put so much pressure on our clothes!

It took me a while, but I came to realize that they are right. You have to build a wardrobe.
So this one, is mine for this fall.
fall capsule wardrobe
Lately I have come to think of the items in my closet as a team. They all have to work together, they have to compliment each other. 

When I was a city girl, shopping for clothes was easy. In my lunch break I would hop in to a store (I once worked in a office on Oxford Street, London, imagine!), find something that I liked, buy it and where it the next day. 

Things have become more complicated. I live near a city, a city where everything is crazy expensive. Shopping online is great, but can be confusing. There is too much choice. Too much inspiration also. Finding something can take too much time, time that I really need, for a ton of more important things.

The thing is I adore capsule wardrobes. Love the Shopbop ones, Glamour magazine has a very good one every month, I found the Unfancy blog (that is where the nr. 37 comes from), and I admire the style of ladies who are repeating items and make them look new every time (Keri Russell, Taylor Shilling and Jessica de Ruiter come to mind)

So why wasn't I doing that?
Well it isn't always easy to resist the temptation of the lure of the beautiful item. I used to buy a lot of dresses. Just because I adored them. Nothing wrong with it.  But when you look in your closet, and you are not in the mood for a dress or you already wore it a few times, your options are limited.

It isn't for the faint of heart to leave the gorgeous dress hanging and buy that white shirt. 
But you have to face reality. I wear my white shirt all the time. ALL THE TIME.

I planned, strategized, and resisted temptation. And started investing in the basics.  
It works! I just came back from holiday, where I brought some of the items on my list. We stayed longer than planned, and not once did I think that I had nothing to wear.
So I am giving the capsule wardrobe a spin. 30 something items/3 months. Let's do this.


fall capsule wardrobeWhat I already owned: 1.Topshop blazer. They makes good basic blazers, I had a white one that I wore to death, and this black one is really good. 5. Max&Co Leather jacket. Isabel Marant has an army green leather jacket now, swoon! Buying a  leather jacket that isn't black felt like a gamble at the time, but it paid off. 7. Red Valentino cardigan. ( similar color on sale at Madewell) Found this while cleaning my closet, and I was looking for a navy cardigan. 8. Current/Elliott denim jacket at Shopbop. A staple, gets only better with age.

What I bought. 2. Other Stories Cardigan. Other Stories finally opened in the States, I cannot recommend that store enough. This alpaca oversize cardi is fantastic. 3. Isabel Marant Gillian Sweater. Splurged on this after trying it on. Note to self, do not try on Isabel Marant if you don't want to spend. 4. J.Crew excursion puffer jacket. Wanted this last year, finally got it. Adoooore it! 5. Velvet Boyfriend sweater. Bought this at the Shopbop sale, yesterday. I have another knit by Velvet, that had to be replaced. Their stuff is always the softest. Wanted something oversized and comfy.

Talking about basics, I didn't mean that you just go out and buy a bunch of white/grey and black items and be done with it. 
You have to figure out what your basics are. What is already in your closet that you enjoy wearing, that you look good in, that you would replace when lost.
Then it is imparitive to figure out what look you are going for.
For me, it is always based on the places that I love. Simple: France/Italy/LA. 
That is what informs my taste. For you it could be your job, your hobby, your icons, your mother, a painting, everything!
I love the way French style puts a spin on the classics, I love the Tuscan countryside where we often are, and I love the laid back and surfer, skate culture of LA. So a bit edgy classic, a bit cosy/cabin/folk, a bit skate.
This is the most important thing to keep in mind, and to stick with it. This will make your items become that winning team. Don't be seduced by anything else, stick to your guns ( I am talking to myself here, be strong)!

fall capsule wardrobe
What I already owned: 9. Soft Joie top. The Marru style is one of their basics, they now have it in silk. Very easy throw on. 13. Bottega Veneta cardi. Bought it last year. It is thin, silk and is just the right amount of folk print that I looked for.

What I bought: 10. Rails Plaid shirt. Also bought this at the Shopbop sale, I always buy a Rails shirt, they are so comfortable, and this one was the right color for what I was going for. 11. Zara military shirt. A lot of Zara shirts are flimpsy. Not this one, this is amazing quality and just very cool. 12. Next turtleneck. Did you ever notice that guys love turtlenecks? Anyway bought this for layering. Like the color a lot. 14. Loft knit shirt. They have a sale 50$ off if you spend 100$ today. They make great basic shirts, great fit, very nice color, cute collar. 15. The Kooples shirt. I might me a The Kooples addict. Their stuff is just good! 16. Claudie Pierlot sweater. Another favorite French brand. Had my doubts about this, but is now my favorite sweater.
I love a good tee. And I do spend on them. I know a lot of people find that crazy, but a tee that pulls, is too tight, doesn't fit in the right way, can irritate me so much. I need a good tee.
What I owned: 17. Ragdoll LA tiger striped tee. I love their stuff, cute and comfy. 19. Claudie Pierlot tee, I always need a fancy white top.
What I bought: 18. The Kooples top, this one that they bring back every year, great quality, can be sexy or just basic. 20. Ragdoll LA white top. 21. Elkin striped top, the stitching on it just makes me smile and smile.

fall capsule wardrobe
I own way more pair of jeans than that, But I don't want to wear jeans everyday. For fall I am going to use this three: 
27. JBrand Jake slim boyfriend, I sized down so it is even more fitted. 28. Mother The dropout. Great slouchy not too white pair. 29. Current/Elliott the fling, my favorite boyfriend out there.
What I already owned: 22. Bel Air fancy shorts, just a great everyday pair of shorts. 23. H&M Leather faux leather skirt, in real leather also on H&M. Wore this all summer, going to wear it all this fall. 24. Merino wool midid skirt that I got in Italy. 

Bought: 25. Other Stories skirt. It sold out in a week. But their others are also really nice. Did I mention that I am a big fan. Was looking for a blue midi skirt. Every time I am looking to a item that is  a bit trendy, I find it at Other Stories.26. The Kooples joggers, great with the zippers.

fall capsule wardrobe
Just two dresses? Crazy for me.  I had to buy two that are very versatile. 
30. Elkin Callie dress. On sale and with extra 25% on Shopbop. Took this on holiday, adore it, and it can even be worn as a top. 32. Maje dress. This sold out immediately. It has this necklace that is removable, how smart is that! Love short sleeved dresses. 
31. Gerard Darel silk maxi skirt. Another genius item, it fits in a small pouch. 

Shoes: well here we may have a problem. I was so busy focusing on clothes that I forgot to buy new boots/booties. Now it is not to good time, I don't want to pay full price. But it won't be cold till december so I still have time ( and  a nice pair of Sorels in storage).
I already owned the Isabel Marant booties, and still wear them all the time. 37. Jenni Kayne d'Orsay flats. Bought mine on the RealReal. 38. Zara heels. Zara is always good for a pair of heels. 
34 and 35. Vans sk8-hi  and Convese fancy leather sneakers. In my everyday life, when I just run errands, work, hang out with friends and walk the dogs I am in sneaks. These two pairs cover it, and they are both awesome.

So that is it. Coming monday I will post the first outfit.
Let me know if you have any questions, remarks...

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surf blue

 surf fashion almond surfboards
These photos are not that fashiony, shot them this morning on my walk. I am wearing a shirt by Almond surfboards, from their first women's collection. It is normal on front and has dots on the back, love this shirt so much,

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