Dungarees on such a sunny day

Striped shirt by Small Trades,  Denim Overall Max&Co, necklace Gorjana, sandals Topshop

This past week a heatwave hit us. I spend most of the time in bikini, shorts, just hitting the water as often as possible. I did use the time when I couldn't be outside wisely, by doing some online shopping in front of the airco. Not easy shopping for heavy sweaters, when you are almost delirious from the heat, but worth it. Fashion is weird in that way, it makes you wish it was some other season. The moment it cooled down a bit, I was just so glad to wear jeans again. And I went all out covering, as you can see. Momentary, the heat returned, and shorts it is again. I will try to leave my inverted California Dreaming alone for a while and just wait patiently.
What do you look forward to wear again?

Gorjana silver