the lady and the tramp


I have never been a impulsive shopper, but I wasn't the wisest shopper either. I bought items that I loved, without ever thinking about what I had home already. It is nice to love everything in your closet, not so nice if you want to wear a dress and realise, none of the shoes in your closet are right for it. Aside from jeans and black boots I would never think to buy enough classics.
So now I have strategy.
I call this winning system (you can see that I love poker) The lady and the tramp. It is quite simple, for classics I go for quality, and for fun I go for inexpensive.  This works for me.
So cashmere you spend, or wait for a good sale, for a loud print, you don't.
For black, camel, brown, cream, you spend, for electric blue, a lot less.
At sale time it works even better. Last week I bought a nice cream cashmere  sweater, knowing that it will never go out of style.

1. Woman by common objects zipper boot
2. Equipment Sophie blouse
3. Dear Cashmere sweater
4. Ohne titel pleated dress

5.QSW flag sweater
6. Aldo Mandina boot
7. H&M skirt
8. Mango silk cotton blend shirt
9.Topshop sequined peplum top