Hangover cure

smoking slippers

I was just reading Glamour UK and it a cute outfit for the day after too much partying. I love the practicality of that, instead of the same overused advice on  how to dress for your shape, that can be summarised in two words: proper fit. It got me thinking. Most of us are capable of looking terrific when we have time, spirit and excitement. It is a lot harder to dress well, when you are hungover, down, sad, or sleep deprived. Those are the days that I certainly need  to look good, and I feel the most frustrated when I don't.
The advice in the magazine, more or less covered one of my favorite outfits, but I wanted to elaborate. And please tell me what you tend to wear on these days.
The formula Glamour gave was Breton top, black pants, flats, oversized sunglasses. I love my clothes to be really comfortable, I hate things that itch, pull, don't fit well. On days like that I like to indulge even more. For soft, comfy Breton tops I would recommend Joie, Soft Joie, Chance made the Breton top their specialty, or the French classic Petit Bateau. Black pants I go with AG Chinos, the most comfortable pair of pants I own.  Any pair of Sophia Loren style sunglasses, big with dark lenses.  I would skip the black flats. Love them on any given day but when I don't look my best, I try to distract, draw the eyes as far from your face as possible.  So I like wear something cute, colorful, mostly colorful Converse and I would love a conversation starter like this and this one.

I work at home, so it is easy for me, but what if you have to go to work the morning after a bottle of tequila or when you just had a fight with your guy or girl.  Whenever I wear white and color near my face it makes me look more alive. So a white shirt (Gap makes real nice one.) and a bright sweater  ( a knit for a conservative office, and sweater if it is less so). Like Marlene Dietrich said legs are the last to go,so show them off.

But what if you really just want to wear sweats? Well I stole this from Michelle Pfeiffer in the Fabulous Baker Boys, a textbook for sexy style. Wear black sweats, a cute leopard sweater, and flats, put your hair in a low ponytail, voila, works every time!
These outfits go with every type of bag or coat, so t least you don't have to think about that.
Talking about hangovers and broken hearts, this past weekend I saw Lola Versus, not great, but certainly enjoyable. I would watch Greta Gerwig and Joel Kinnaman (Holden from the Killing) in anything.