Face oil

I have been using olive oil in my hair and coconut on my body for a long time. I am glad that the cosmetic use of oil is becoming more popular. And with that many new face oils now available, i wanted to try some.  I used Nuxe Huile Predigiuese before, but only in summer to give me a glow. I ordered several samples from To test them I put them on my face in the morning without adding anything else for at least an hour.
I have been pleasantly surprised by most of them. And these three really stood out:
DR. ALKAITIS Nourishing Treatment Oil
ILA Face oil for Glowing Radiance

When i started doing more research I saw that all three contained Rose hip oil. That sold it for me. Not that I knew anything about the benefits. I just happen to love rose hips.
I grew up in this beach town where every street was lined with their bright pink flowers. For nostalgic reasons I even planted a rose hip in my French garden. It is the one plant that I always check to see if how much it has grown. I already knew that Rosehips contained an enormous amount of Vitamin C. In Holland parents give their children syrup and jam made from from rose hips  exactly for that reason.
Then I started doing research. The oils of rosehip not only has a high amount of Vitamin C but it is unique among vegetable oils in containing also Vitamin A, as in retinol.  Now I have been using Retin-a  combined with Skinceuticals CF Ferulic acid for a long time.  It seems that rosehip is a good combination of the two, no wonder my skin looked so good after using it.
The oil helps with fine lines and pigmentation. Now I have to say that it concerned me a bit to put something on my face that contains Retinol during daytime.  I plan to continue using it, but at night and during day with a strong sunscreen.
From the all the oils I used RMS BEAUTY beauty oil was my absolute favorite. It smelled incredible, like another Dutch favorite,  called Bastogne candy sugar cookies.
A more economic option would be to buy pure Rosehip oil, and mix it with olive oil. Because of the purity I would use this only at night. You can buy it here and here.
Do you also use face oil, if so which is your favorite?