It is not always black and white

Floral dress
Dress Topshop, old, Tweed Jacket Vintage, Boots Golden Goose, Belt Vintage.

Last Friday started very unglamourous, I was writing in my very old jeans and even older t-shirt. After to reward myself for finishing my five pages I watched the Isabel Marant show. She always inspires me, and watching all the wonderful black and white prints at the beginning of the show, I decided to wear a one of my favorite dresses. Of course I didn't go for the tropical vibe of the Marant show. We had one of the first really hazy days, it was chilly even. So I paired it with my favorite tweed jacket and my trusty riding boots ( so glad these are back in style now, I have been wearing these so much that it is almost embarrassing, but now I have an excuse.) Ready to face the outside world.
riding boots