One great meal


Zuma in London is my favorite restaurant, and it is so convenient because it is close to Harvey Nicks.  Zuma was full last Thursday. But a few steps from Anthropology and Liberty there is Nopi. Forgive the Ab fab-ish reasoning, I was only kidding ( just a little). Nopi, from the team behind Ottolenghi, could be in the middle of nowhere, and after my last meal, I would change tubes lots of times to find it. 
The food consist of a blend of Middle Eastern and Asian dishes. My first course was crushed beetroot. How can anything that sounds so plain be so delicious? My guy kept saying the same thing, everything had a concentrated and fresh flavour. If you can stand it look at the menu here
You can sit upstairs, or downstairs, like we did, at one of the two big communal tables that look out on the kitchen. The decor is beautiful, warm, airy, I fell in love with the brass lamps. 
One word of advice though, don't drink and then go to the bathroom. It is covered with mirrors and it took me two tries to find my way out, and I only had only a lychee and grapefruit cooler.

the bathroom! Cardigan by Asos