my staycation

I am need of a staycation.
' I wish it as summer.' I said to my guy yesterday.
' You choose the worst day of the year to say that.'
I love sunshine, and long days, and the outdoors. And in the next two months there will no time for a vacation. Instead, before the holidays, I will take a nice long weekend off. No work, No housework, chores, or obligations.
Especially now with the business, buzz and craziness before Christmas I think it is important to have a few day to just indulge. And for me it is much easier to do, if I plan it.

Buying books

I shop for a good book( I want to read this one), buy the DVDs that I need, and the beauty treatments I want to use.
A day before I do my grocery shopping for the weekend and throw away any junk food.(I imagine it as me having a vacation at a good spa). I also clean the bathroom, put fresh towels in, candles, anything I will use.


Unplug (very important!). 
20.00 pm 
a light dinner. I love this Ottolengi salad with avocado, fava and quinoa with salmon.


And off to bed (without setting an alarm.)


9.00 am
Saturday I start the day with an huge breakfast. I like figs with ricotta and honey, a traditional southern Italian breakfast. Or this greek breakfast. And I also love these very healthy pancakes.

After breakfast I go for a long walk with the dogs. I try to focus on my breath. On every bench on the way I do stretches, and some simple exercises like these.

Shopping is always fun, but not so relaxing. Instead I will go and buy some new plants. I bought this pocket to create a vertical garden. In winter I  like walking around in the tropical greenhouse at my garden shop. 

For an easy lunch I make gnocchi. With chopped tomato, olives, anchovies, capers, and lemon rind.

Curl up with my book and a pot of tea.

I go for a beauty treatment. And to make it more festive I try something new, or go to a place I have never been. I will try out this spa, it looks amazing.

Read on for the evening activities!
That night I will be organizing my own film festival, I plan to screen his and hers old movies. Three fashionista movies for the girls: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Shampoo, and Les parapluies de Cherbourg.
The Sting, The treasure of the Sierra Madre, and le Samourai for the guys ( and me.) And a lot more fun with this lemon Parsley popcorn recipe.


10.00 am
After breakfast I want try a new sport. Last week I saw people rowing on the lake and it seems like a great way to start the day.

Lunch at a restaurant 'a bord du lac.' (lakeside). 

Bike ride back home through the country side. 

Stopping on the way at a cafe with an open fire and hot chocolate.

Arriving home, exhausted but happy. After some soup and a sandwich, curl up again with my book.


Ready for anything!

Do you ever just take a weekend off, just for yourself?