How to score at a consignment store

fit and flare skirt
Shirt similar from Patterson j. Kincaid and  Joie and Skirt Maje, shoes Zara
After year scouring thrift and consignment stores I have my system down. Geneva is a strange city for shopping, everything is marked up, so I tend to do a lot of show rooming (I try it on, and then later buy it online). But it has excellent consignment shops.
mentioned how much I like dark florals for winter, and I was looking for a blouse in the print. I found it at a consignment shop I love.

This is what I do for scoring great finds:

-Most important of all: Go to the one in the best neighbourhood you have access to.
I go once a week. Try to be methodical about it.

First I look trough the racks focusing only on the label. At this shop they sell a lot of Zara, but why would you ever buy that second hand? If you don't know a brand, look it up online while you are there. It's how I got to know most of the French brands, that I now adore.
When I have done that, I look at the colors, and mostly at prints, to see if something jumps out.

-When I find something from a good brand, I always try it on, even if it is looks simple or it is not my style. Sometimes what looks dowdy on the rack can look spectacular on.

-I don't know if it happens a lot, but where I go, people often cut out the label in the neck, so I always check the inside label. I found a gorgeous Isabel Marant blouse for only twenty Swiss francs that way.
Checking the inside label taught me a lot about materials. I do it now in other shops too. I lusted for this Vanessa Bruno knit. It was made in Peru, and it was a mix with alpaca wool. When later I found  sweater made of the same materials, made in Peru from an unknown Italian brand. I snatched it up. It is the most comfy sweater I own.

-Whenever I see Chanel, YSl, Balmain, you name it, I do not let it out of my sight until I decide to buy it or not. I learned this the hard way!

-It is always a good idea to befriend the shop owner, and let her know what you like.
I don't go on Monday, or Tuesday, the Saturday crowds will have snatched anything worthwhile.

-If something is really special but doesn't fit, and has the right price, I get it and use a tailor.

How many of you go to consignment stores, or buy at the ones online?
Do you have any good tips?