Play misty

flare jeans
Cashmere sweater similar on sale by Carven  here, Blouse Sandro, denim Mother the mellow Drama 
To show off these high waisted jeans  I really wanted do a location post. But it has been just so misty, it was not worth it. There is always a few weeks when the fog never lifts. After we have snow to look forward to. (insert sarcastic tone).
So just a quick color impression. I just have to find the right shoes for this pair of Mother jeans for when it is really cold. I will be very happy when I do.
Anyway I love to wear it now with a cropped sweater. I just bought a new one. And I lust for this 3.1 Philip Lim one, hoping that it will go on sale.
Did you girls try out the cropped sweater trend?
flare jeans