Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

RESOLUTIONS DON'T WORK. Reading other blogs, there seems to be an agreement about it. I do like resolutions. And will defend them if necessary.  Not only do I think about them on the first day of the year, I like to keep this whole month to reflect on them. But it is true that the traditional one, are just lots of struggle and not enough results.

RESOLUTIONS BRING OUT THE REBEL IN YOU. Any spirited gal is going to rebel against them. Who likes punishments? Think about it. You start by making a list of all the things that you neglected to do last year. And now, the fresh start becomes a deadline that urges to change. Or else. This 'I have been bad'  feeling can work, I won't deny it. But only briefly. And then comes the frustration.

RESOLUTIONS DO WORK WHEN THEY PLAY NICE. You have to have more compassion with yourself. Somebody said to me once. At first it sounded vague, and like an excuse that selfish people use.
It was the best advice I ever have gotten. 
How can I treat myself better this year, is a better way to start a year, don't you think?
I will not bore you with the personal resolution that I made. But style and beauty wise? I have some to share. 

HERE IS MY FIRST ONE: Last year I used more organic skin care. Even knowing that there is a lot written on harmful ingredients in beauty products, for me that was only partially the reason I switched.  It was more an instinctive choice. And I like following my instincts. It worked brilliantly for me. I liked the results on my skin, and I like buying from small companies, and let;
's face it, it makes environmental sense.

I AM GOING TO USE MORE ORGANIC COSMETICS. I have found some great products already, there are so many brilliant natural lipsticks, illuminators, and blushes out there. They don't cover your skin, they work with it. I like my makeup natural and it is easier to get that look using these products.  When you skin starts to age, you have to change your makeup. Organic makeup uses creams, mineral powders, and beneficial ingredients that make your skin come alive. This year I am  going take the plunge, and try to find alternatives for the more difficult ones: mascara, foundation, concealer.  I would love to hear your recommendations. 
I use:
Vapour Organic Beauty Stratus Instant Skin Perfector. Genius!
Ilia Beauty Lipstick in Neon Angel.  Also on cheeks.
RMS Beauty Lip2cheek. In all colors!
RMS Beauty Living Luminizer. Gives a great youthful glow.
Tarte Lipsurgence In pouty. It keeps my lips smooth, no dry lips so far for me this winter.

I will try:
Tarte Creaseless Concealer
Josie Maran Mascara GOGO Natural Volume
Nvey Eco Deluxe Flawless Foundation
Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals
Dr Hauschka Volume Mascara