Two for the road. Head to Porto

As I am planning my spring and summer travels this week, I wanted you to share in the fun.
I will do two more guides this week, an in the future add one once a month.
I love to go back to places I already know, and live like a local. I tend to skip tourist hangouts.

Every year we go to Barcelona to the Primavera Sound music festival. We stay at the W on the beach, we go to the festival at night. It is perfection.
Last year Porto was hosting an offshoot of the festival Optimus Music Festival. We gave it a shot.
We were so pleasantly surprised. Porto is a lovely city, our hotel had gorgeous views of the Douro river and the people were more than friendly. And after visiting the city head for the beaches with the best waves in Europe.
Some more recommendations when in Porto...

When we were there last year I shot this on the balcony of our hotel. I my opinion a hotel can make or break a trip. The Yeatman was fantastic. The people working were so friendly. They went out of their way to help and made great restaurant suggestions. The old world atmosphere was never stuffy. Breakfast was excellent (very important for my guy). And the views, well see for yourself.

After you visit the centre of Porto, head to the beach in Gaia. There, have lunch at Forneria Sao Pedro.  Again, super friendly people. Normally I don't like to eat Italian outside of Italy. It disappoints me again and again. Not here. I had a first course with funghi/mushrooms, it was one of the best Italian dishes I ever eaten.
   My guy checking out the Atlantic.
Seriously, buy one of these bag in town. They will set you back 20 euro. And every time you will see them in some upscale shop, for five times that much, you will smile. For more shopping click here.
Candy with your coffee at the Forneria.
After lunch head back to the Port district in Gaia. The Yeatman hotel is situated in the area where all the Port wine lodges or cellars. You can take a tour, have a drink and a taste. Guaranteed sweet dreams.