city travel the Italian way

Today it is raining and I started to think about my Italian holiday. Searching through my closet, planning my vacation wardrobe. 
Packing for the beach is easy. Packing for city trips is a little more tricky. Cut-off shorts and a tank top are not considered an outfit in Italy. 
Dressing up the Italian way has its very own laid-back formula. Lots of linen, earth tones, wedges (cobblestones!) and flowy hair. 
Here two of my favorite outfit options (inspired by my favorite Italian fashionistas, Elisa, Louisa & Antonine)
One> Stripes (A.P.C.)+ sleek shorts (Axara)+ a parka (River Island) add wedges (Rag and Bone Pala) (and for tired feet, these sandals, very popular in Italy) + roomy tote (Max&Co)

Two> The easiest outfit ever (and feeding into to my friday friend obsession). A short sundress (Marc by Marc Jacobs). Belted (Club Monaco) + cardigan (J.Crew)+ big bag (this one is an old one from Luisa and Antonine's collection TL-180, check out the new bags that are just in at Les Nouvelles.) + Porselli flats. Swap with a simple linen dress (Mango).