Freeze! My favorite workout

Emily van Camp workout
 I have been trying to mix my workouts up as much as possible. Running, biking, weights and yoga. 
And when I pop in a fitness tape, my favorite now is Lalo Fuentes' Lalofit.
It leaves me breathless. And unlike some superhuman and freaky trainers,
 it is fun to see that even Lalo himself is dripping with sweat. 
The routine is tough, every move uses more than one muscle group. 
His signature style is the Freeze technique, where you pause for a second at the most difficult part of the move. Impossible to cheat that way! 
No doubt, Lalo gets results, I can recommend this one.
See here the workout Emily van Camp does with Lalo 
(In general I tend to stay away from celebrity trainers, trying to avoid the advice to not to go running, or have to stop eating after 7 pm, what?!)

After all the sweating I cool down with this refreshing summer smoothie:
Greek yogurt
and water.
Blend and add some salt en pepper.