How to: Strut your stuff on the beach

LIsa Maria Fernedez
Red Vichy Bikini Laurence Dolige, Poppy BAndeau bikini Lisa Marie Fernedez, Blue Stripe Bikini Topshop

When choosing your swimwear, think who am I, and who do I want to be:

Lux LIsbon
Red One piece Dnud, Rainbow stripe bikini River Island
Anthropologie Bikini
Regatta Bandeau Bikini J.Crew, Bikes and Stripes Maillot Anthropologie

Waddle Gathered Bikini We are HAndsome, Cactus One-Pece Tori Praver, Floral print bikini Sandro

Taupe Bikini &Other Stories, Denim bikini Forever21I have an easy solution for body confidence. Next time on the beach why not adopt an Alter-ego? A bit of Sasha Fierce. 

Are you a bike lover? 
A desperate housewife ( wear the Farrah swimsuit and smolder) 
Were you born to sail the world? Is the Virgin Suicides your favorite movie? 
Find your inspiration and be that girl.
Nothing more sexy than a chick with personality.