Nineties reflux/redux

The snap jacket Current/elliott

It happened. The nineties did resurface as a fashion trend.
My so-called life, Nirvana...Meg Ryan is even named as a fashion icon. Meg Ryan?
The nineties was the decade of Seinfeld, Cobain, 90210. The Rachel.
Julia Roberts looked like this.
The Spice girls!
Well there was always Kate Moss. Yes, Kate and Johnny. Winona tattoos.
And when Uma showed up in this Prada dress, celebrities woke up from their fashion slumber.

I want to forget about scrunchies (but they came back!) or Brenda Walsh.
But everything comes back. EVERYTHING: grunge and plaid, double denim, dungarees, bomber jackets.
Of course there it was: the plaid shirt, around your waist. Eddie Vedder is cool, but not my icon.
But a jacket. Yes, why not? It makes a dress a lot less precious,
and wearing one only on my shoulders, is photogenic, but works only on photos.

So tell me, do you like nineties fashion? Are you bringing it back? Crop top anyone?

Dress Maje, Jacket Current/Elliott the snap jacket, hat HatAttack crusher, Boots Jenny by Isabel Marant