let your hair grow: the best shampoos

how to grow hair longer
In Summer, hair grows faster. I'm taking advantage, adding some inches.
I was looking for one that would nourish my hair better. And prevent those pesky tangles.

I tried a several and some of them didn't work at all for me. But these did:

Davines Shampoos: I have tried three: NouNou for Color Treated hair, Love Curl, And Love Smoothing. Incredible shampoos, they smell fresh.
The first two make you hair bouncy and shiny, the last one doesn't work as well for my hair,
but is still amazing.
Davines prides itself on being sustainable and make their products zero impact.
I's not organic, but they have a impressive ingredients and a very clear list of them.
Some people don't like their packaging, I think it is adorable.

Oribe Shampoo for beautiful hair. For the hair obsessed? Yes I get it. I couldn't believe a shampoo could do so much. This got me the best shine for days.
My hair felt really nurished, and it smells incredible. Expensive, yes.

Organic picks:

Rahua Shampoo: love the smell of this one, the bottle is pretty.
It didn't give the same shine as the previous ones, but left my hair soft. Doesn't strip color, no sulfates at all.

Amika Color pHerfection shampoo. It didn't feel as luxurious as the others, but won't strip your hair of color, and left my strands well hydrated.

I will use continue to use these shampoos. But the cheapest trick I found to keep my hair in tip top condition, without the tangles that damage the hair follicles...

Just use the Tangle Teezer in the shower with your favorite conditioner.
Just a weird piece of plastic. But no, WONDERPRODUCT!

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