shopping for fall: the easy way

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Salvatore Ferragamo varina flast, Gianni Chiarini bag, HM miniskirt, Zara scarf, sandro top,

Zara floral scarf, dark florals, Burgondy scarf,

I have started to stock up for fall. This time I am going to do it a bit differently.
I am trying to write three books( don't ask!), so I lack the mental energy to think too long about what to wear.
Experimenting is a fun part of getting dressed. But I am sticking to my comfort zone for now.
I know the items I always loved to wear, and instead of trying new things I am going to stick to favorites.
Let's call it less fashion, more style. Or laziness.
Maybe I haven't worn much of the things I feel comfortable in on this blog. Let's see what happens. This autumn I am lucky: tomboys, dark florals, thick knits, tweed, high boots and classic shoe shapes are everywhere.
I bought this skirt two weeks ago, love it, it's a bit distressed, and classic.
The scarf is Zara, they had some gorgeous ones, I loved a houndstooth one, and this mustard one too.
What about your comfort zone? Do you like to leave it?

Scarf by Zara
Black top
Mini skirt by H&M
Varina flats
Bag Gianni Chiarini
Nailpolish Zoya