How to wear your hair with a hat

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I bought several hats, also out of necessity. With my hair longer, I don't want to color it all the time.
It is the usual hat and bad hair situation. Normally you don't want to hide a good hair day with a hat.
But a cap you can wear even when you hair is shiny, bouncy or just cute, or when you are going for a particular hairdo.

By the way, how do you call this style of hats, H&M called it captain's hat, I saw fisherman's hat (Greek, Breton, Irish) sailor hat, baker boy...?

Wear it when with full, big hair:

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Diane Kruger always wear hers with ponytails and sunglasses...

Diane Kruger hat, Diane Kruger sailor hat, Diane Kruger cap, Diane Kruger Venice

But for evenings with a side ponytail and a diamond ear cuff

Diane Kruger sailor hat, Diane Kruger Chanel, Diane Kruger earrings

Tuck your hair in and let some tendrils come loose...

How to wear a breton cap, how to wear a fisherman's  cap

Wear it deep over your eyes, with your hair loose and casual....

H(M Paris Collection, Jordan Dunn

Wear it with braids, make them full...

Kate Moss hat, Kate moss braids, Kate moss young

Or tip it on your head and tuck your hair back, to show of your earrings.

Catherine Deneuve hat, Catherine deneuve style