I always have the same questions concerning my beauty products: how to get thicker hair and how to make skin glow. Don't you love when your questions have been answered? 

The boring basic, but essential to get good skin is finding the sunscreen that works for you. My skin isn't that sensitive to the sun, so I like the SPF to be high, but not unnecessarily so. 
Coola makes a great sunscreen, I am sure you have heard, it  isn't greasy, it smells fresh, doesn't leave a white mask, and treats your skin with Vitamin E and C. I have worn to the beach on a very bright day, and no sunburn. Even greater: it is organic.

I have tried  Skinceuticals advanced pigment corrector on three blemish spots. One of my spots disappeared, two become lighter. It helped for redness around my nose. The spots will probably need laser to get rid of them, or a prescription hydroquinone.

I use two others that are very good Tata Harpers  resurfacing mask and May Lindstrom the clean dirt, both excellent, but Ren is out of this world. This one gives me back the skin I had in my twenties. If you want your skin to glow, this one is of the best beauty products I have ever tried.
Tata Harper

I use Tata Harpers Replenishing nutrient complex every day on my standard moisturizer, it is easily absorbed, smells nice, it protects the skin, it contains my favorite Rosehip oil. I think of the mix of my basic moisturizer and this as an cheaper alternative of Tata Harper very good but expensive Repairative moisturizer.

Now for hair

This winter mine was lackluster, and I had more hair falling out while brushing that I cared for. I also have very sparse brows. I was a bit skeptical, but I tried out Phylia de M. range, the CLEAN shampoo and the Connect serum. The main ingredient is tannic and fulvic acid,and as it is explained it is like a fertilizer for your hair. I know it sounds strange, but it worked. I had a lot of regrow around my hairline, my hair looked healthy and very shiny after washing and even my brows came back. I only hope that they change the formula a bit because it did make my hair color fade a bit faster than usual. I know that 30 dollar for a shampoo is a bit steep, but it lasts forever, I am only half way through and using it for a few months.

And if you are curious about it, please enter my giveway, I will send the winner a bottle of Phylia de M. CLEAN shampoo ( curiuos to know afterwards if it worked!)

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And last but not least Serge Normant made not a dry shampoo, but a dry conditioner, Meta Rivive with Argan Oil. It makes your hair smell great, gives it bounce and shine, while also cleaning it. Genius!

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