summer reads 2014

I would like to read more books and watch less TV. I used to devour books, finish them in days. Now I read before going to sleep and are often so tired that I don't even finish a chapter. But that is what the beach if for! Finally a TV free zone! Just kidding, but it is true the more I am outside, the more I read. Books and sunshine, what else do you want?
If you are like me, and you have to drag yourself away from your favorite shows here are some books that will make you to go outside. And will hold you over till your regulars will start again!

Drop City by T.C. Boyle/Mad Men

If your favorite parts of this season of Mad Men were Roger Sterling staring at the night sky,
at his daughters commune, or Don fondness for flower child Stephanie and you can't wait for Sally to ditch her mothers ways and join the revolution, you have to read this. Not an easy book, I admit, but absolutely one of my favorites. A group of hippies set up a commune in the Alaskan wilderness, and learn that ideals, nature and surly neighbours make  a recipe for disaster. This book stayed with me, long time after I finished it and I still wonder how Star, a girl, not unlike Don' niece, grew up to be.

A silent tide by William E. Johnson/ The Good Wife

If you still wish things had gone another way for Will Gardner...Imagine him leaving his big time law firm and setting up a small practice in a quiet town. like David Forbes, the protagonist of A silent tide, who wants to have a quiet life, leaves his big firm, and moves to the coast. But then gets appointed to defend an African/America man accused of killing an all-state athlete. A silent tide just won an award for best legal thriller of 2014, I couldn't put it down!

The girl with all the gifts by M.R. Carey/ The walking dead

If you favorite part of The walking dead is the spare post-apocalyptic world and the effects it has on the people still living in it, this one sounds promising. This book I haven't read yet, but it is on my list this summer. This review sold it for me.

My accidental jihad by Krista Bremen/ Homeland

If the love story between Cary and Brody was what hooked you on Homeland, for the incurable romantics, this a captivating love story between a San Diego surfer girl and and an Ismael, an older Libyan man. I loved Krista Bremer explanation of love in an interview she gave. Afraid of the ocean she still went surfing. She learned that when caught in a wave panic would quickly rid her of her air, but if she would let her self be caught, and relax, a natural impulse would take over and she would surface. So love between two different people can be a struggle ( like it was for Carrie and Brody) but sometimes you just have to let yourself be caught.

The one & only by Emily GriffinFriday night lights

How much do you miss FNL, can I get: A lot y'all?
Well get a load of this: '33 year old Shea Rigsby has spend her entire life in Walker-Texas, a small college town that lives and dies by football, a passion she unabashedly shares. But when...' If you love FNL as much as me, you have already read this. Or are getting it right now. I am right?

I almost like my summer shows more than the regular ones, now that I think about it. Anyway what is your favorite show? And if you are a Pretty Little Liars addict like me...

The fever by Megan Abbott/ Pretty little Liars

After reading Dare me (murder and cheerleading!) Megan Abott became one of my favorites. And like her previous book The Fever is dark, beautiful and creepy.  A mesmerizing look at teenage girls. Read both, you won't regret it!

Sometimes books are just better. If you were left disappointed by The Leftovers, and you haven't read the Tom Perrotta book, I can really recommend it. It is not as bleak as the show.

Do you have any recommendation for me?