Gnocchi with tuna and lemons recipe

Whenever I ask M what he wants to eat, gnocchi is the answer. Or muffins, but that is not really lunch or dinner. 
There are different sauces that I make, and I always include a bit of lemon, or lemon zest to offset the richer taste of the potatoes. 
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 When you buy gnocchi, read the ingredient list, there shouldn't be any fats added, one of my favorites brands started doing that.
Gnocchi is like Italian fast food,
just throw them in salted water, wait a minute till the first comes to the surface and drain. Don't leave them any longer! When I was a kid and I had to stay over at school, they always served soggy gnocchi. It took me a long time to get over that taste!
So make the sauce before you cook them.
Normally I would make a tomato, mozzarella, or feta sauce, but there were so many lemons in the garden that tuna seemed like a much better option. Enjoy!
Gnocchi with tuna and lemons recipe

Gnocchi al tonno 

For the sauce (for two):

.a tin of tuna fish without oil
.the rind of one lemon
.3 anchovies filets
.a few basil leaves
.as many olives as you like
.a cup of cherry tomatoes
. the juice of one lemon
.two spoons of olive oil

You can make this in a food processor or blender or by hand. First mix the tuna, lemon juice, lemon rind and anchovies. If you don't like anchovies you can use Worcestershire sauce.
Cut the cherry tomatoes, add the olives and basil, and then the sauce.
Cook the gnocchi.
And mix it all together. Salt and pepper, and extra lemon sauce if you like.
Gnocchi with tuna and lemons recipe

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Gnocchi with tuna and lemons recipe