How to wear red, animal prints fall fashion
Dutchies have a saying: ' Don't to things the hard way, if there is an easy way.' Now in Holland there are a lot of sayings that don't make any sense, a lot of them about cows. But this one
I take to heart. You may think that it means the same thing as taking the easy way out. But actually it is the contrary.
How to know the difference between taking the easy way and taking the easy way out? It has all to do with fear.
A lot of times we make things more complicated than they are. Why? Because we are afraid. Afraid to fail, afraid to look silly. Afraid to not be properly prepared. Scared that we forget something. Whenever I become overwhelmed, I think to myself: where am I complicating things? What can I just let go, or do as simply as possible.
This happens when I am writing a lot. Sometimes I think for days about a chapter, a scene that I don't know how to write or resolve. Often the solution is just to scrap it. Scrapping, editing, leaving behind, almost always works.
Why is this not the same as taking the easy way out?
There are different kind of fears. There are the fears that save us, and the fears that show us the way. Whenever we take the easy way out, we ignore  a fear that would save us. Staying in a bad relationship, not speaking out to a bully, not getting your butt off the couch to go to the gym. It won't feel as a relief to walk that road.
Leaving complications behind will feel awesome.
Fear is a strange things isn't it? It is quiet difficult to understand if a fear helps us, or harms us. Well if doing something that you afraid of will destroy you, your sanity, your health, something you own. I would stay clear.
Any other fear is just an obstacle to conquer.
I often hear my friends say that they afraid to wear red. I know that it is a strong color...But seriously? You are afraid of a color? A color that in the right shade will look good on anyone. Well if you have time to be afraid or something as silly as that, good luck with the big stuff!

Have  a great weekend everyone!
How to wear red, animal prints fall fashion
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How to wear red, animal prints fall fashion

How to wear red, animal prints fall fashion