salad with courgette, feta grapes and pine nuts

 When in Italy I could eat courgette/zucchini and it's gorgeous flowers night and day. I always buy tons at my first market outing there. But you can only eat so much pasta with courgette and flowers.
I added grapes, for this light lunch salad.
It was such a success that I made it twice on my stay.
This salad is great on it's own, the feta and pine nuts keep you full, and give you the protein you need. When eaten warm, it's a great side dish, for roasted turkey, come Thanksgiving.
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vegetarian salad with courgette, feta grapes and pine nuts

Salad with  courgette/grapes/feta/pine nuts

-4 courgette for two/three people when using it as main salad.
-3 tablespoons of pine nuts
-a cup of grapes
-half a package of feta
-as much garlic as you like ( or none at all)
-salt/pepper/oil/lemon juice
-garnish with mint

From here it is very easy. Cut the courgette. Fry them in pan with some oil, add garlic and pine nuts after one minute. Wait till the courgette is soft and browned to add grapes. Warm the grapes up for one minute. Take it from stove, and add the feta. Pour your vinaigrette. Mix gently. Now you can let the salad cool off. Taste if it needs more salt pepper or lemon when ready. Or you can go ahead and eat it warm as a side dish.