what to wear when showrooming

showrooming in a J.CRew vest, d'orsay flats
Outfit nr 7: Vest J.Crew, shirt Loft, Jeans Current Elliott, D'orsay flats Jenni Kayne, sunglasses Ray-Ban

Geneva is a strange city to shop. It is a s city and everything is expensive. Real estate and salaries are high, so that everything you see in shops, is 4 or 5 times as expensive as everywhere else.
I really don't know how shops still make money, I always ask myself who the people are, other than the Middle Eastern folks than spend the summers here, that fork out that kind of dough.
Haven't they heard of this thing called the Internet? Really, it baffles me. Well, I have one friend, American, who pays 600CHF (the exact equivalent in dollars) for a Marc Jacobs wallet in Geneva. While her nanny always asks her to bring bag Marc Jacobs bags from the States, that costs less than her measly wallet.
Instant gratification?
I don't know. I, myself, do a lot of showrooming. Sometimes this is very awkward, but I have all my excuses ready. "I will come back with my girlfriends, I can't choose.' or " Let me check a dress that I saw in this other store, I want to see which one I like most." If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been looking for party dresses for December. Even French brands like Maje, Sandro etc. are twice as expensive in Geneva, than in France (10 minutes away by car) So I try them on, snap a picture, note the size and get out of there. I know that it must be hard for the salespeople. But something has to change sometimes.
Or maybe the Swiss hate the Internet.

Anyway, don't you find that when shopping now, you freeze outside, and melt inside. Here it is not so cold yet, so an easy puffer, love this one by J.Crew with his gold zipper ( size down!) and easy slip on d'orsay flats, keep me comfortable, cool, and get me dressed again quickly, to dash out when I finally take a peek at the price tag!
showrooming in a J.CRew vest, d'orsay flats