Raid the closet: Alison Lockhart in The Affair season one

Summer wear Alison The Affair style How to wear Summer dresses
UPDATED for 2018!

Ruth Wilson was shocked to win the Golden Globes for best actress in a Tv drama for The Affair. But she is so captivating in it; she blows everyone else away, even surrounded by the great Jimmy McNulty & Pacey Witter. 

Sometimes you watch a show or movie, or read a book and shake your head because the maker doesn't seem to understand girls and women. The women is a projection. 
The Affair delves behind the projection, to give the femme fatale heart, soul, a love for Dolly Parton and a great sense of style.

This is a new feature: raid the closet. A  mini capsule that captures the singular style of kick-ass women.

After losing her job, Alison works at a diner. There is a lot of talk about her limited closet. There is this scene where her husband gives her money, which they don't have to buy herself a new dress.
But you don't need much, to get that girly, boho/beach/biker babe look.

Summer wear Alison The Affair style Ruth Wilson style, How to wear Summer dresses

Alison The Affair  Summer wear

Alison Lockhart The Affair style Ruth Wilson style, How to wear Summer dresses

2. Bordeaux wine red dress Reformation on sale!
3. Spaghetti straps dress Madewell
4. Print dress at Madewell
5. Cream wrap dress H&M
6. High waisted black jeans H&M
7. black tank top
8. Oversized grey cardi
9. Graphic tee
10. Beige cardigan
11. Jean skirt H&M
12. Silk top Anine Bing
13. Grey Top CarlyJean
14. Great pair of dark wash jeans
15. Tan shoulder bag Everlane
17. Comfy Socks
18. Another tan bag
19. Brown ankle boots
20. Black espadrilles
21. black flip-flops
22. Lotta high heeled clogs