Your dream home: go for comfort

dream home; go for comfort when decorating your house
Whenever I came back from vacation, it took me a few days when to adjust to my own home. See, I love hotels. I would dream of living in one. My own space seemed lacking in comparison. 

Why? Because hotel rooms, in nice hotels, can be very comfortable. A soft bed, great linens, a fridge nearby, big tv, a view, service at your fingertips.
When looking for inspiration for your dream home, you can drool over your Pinterest boards. But Pinterest is all about the look. Our whole world seem to be about the look now.
How about the feel?

When I started decorating my house, I stole some ideas from my favorite hotel rooms (the awesome bed, linens, a great refreshment cart...)
And added some of my own needs, loungy sitting,  good lightning, a great Sonos soundsystem, a versatile coffeemaker, my favorite tea pot and tea collection, and more, and now hotel rooms don't stand a chance. 
Think about it, how does your home feel to you?

Some pretty and comfy add-ons, curl up and enjoy, who needs to leave the house now anyway?