Aloha! How to rock summer like a surfer girl

How to become  surfer girl, surfer girl style

This winter was brutal, but the sun is out in full force and I am packing my bags, can't wait to hit the beach.
What are your plans for this summer? Are you planning your getaway? I hope you want to do more than just lie on the sand, getting a tan.

It's true, what they say: a fast way to happiness is to spend your money on experiences, and activities that you always wanted to try. So rent a wetsuit, hop on a mountain bike, take up paddle boarding, do a beach run. Be awesome this coming summer! The takeaway from it that it will make you fearless in other aspects of your life. It is a sure way to feeling more relaxed. The great thing trying new sports or activities is that it teaches you that failure is just a stepping stone. Don't be scared, just try it.

Here is some inspiration:

 * the gorgeous photo above is by Magdalena Kernan of MKCaptures

-this dreamy clip of World champion of surfing Steph Gilmore is so gorgeous, Watch the docu Stephanie in the water after!

-You really have to listen to this empowering TED talk by Watch Irish Surfer Easkey Britton where she talks about women in sports, and how having role models impacts out believes. It makes us powerful. She talks also about her documentary 'Into the sea' about her journey to Iran, where she wanted to teach young girls to surf. (The ocean doesn't care at all if you are a woman or a man!)
How to be surfer girl

-Obviously surfer girls have awesome Instagram accounts, this one by Lakey Peterson one is my favorite.
Surfer girl, zoe karssen stoked

-If your holiday is nowhere on the horizon, this stuff, loved by surfer girls, it is organic, vegan, handcrafted in Hawaii, will transport your to a beach stat!

-And if you need any more incentive to hit the water, like looking cuter than ever: Cameron Diaz killed it in this Lisa Marie Fernadez wetsuit on the cover of Cosmopolitan.

Have you planned your vacation yet? Are you lucky enough to live near the beach? Stoked?

Tee by Zoe Karssen