the seventies week!

Malgosia Bela style

Now that Mad Men is getting into the seventies groove, sideburns, bellbottoms, and all, and fashion is taking a clue from Klute, you can say that this spring the seventies are back. Again.
When historians will look back on this and last century, the seventies will be a threshold.
A decennium, when a truly modern society got his wings, where freedom, women's rights, equality, exploration, imagination, and excess came together. Now, it is strange to see how some aspects progressed, and some changed and became more conservative.
Our continuing fascination with the seventies, is like the fascination that you will always have with our youth. Even if you are born in the nineties, it is this decade that is our adolescence. We were all teens in the seventies.

And anyway the farther away it is the better we remember it...
More seventies stuff to come this week...
First: Here are some of my favorite seventies inspired editorials.
Which decade do you love? What do you think about seventies fashion? Are you excited for Mad Men?
Toni Garnn style

Alexa Chung Style denim

Juslia Bergshoeff streetstyle

Julia Bergshoeff by Josh Olins for Vogue UK April 2015

Anna selezneva style
Julia Stegner Style

Dree Hemingway style