You made it!

Clare Vivier Other Stories collaboration, Mamie Gunnar
It's March. The worst of winter is over! And this was a tough one. Not much sun at all.
I used it wisely, worked like a mad woman on my novels, but still, I am so happy it is almost over, I can feel it. My dearest spring. Time to ditch the Sorels, and all that black. And celebrate with lots of color and prettiness. Have a great start of the week everyone!

-I have  a new jewelry obsession, maybe because this delicate jewelry is Australian, it makes me think of summer.
-All I am wearing these days are light, ripped jeans and sweaters. I am keeping the bottoms, and adding lots of pretty tops. This heart cut-out is really sweet.
-Can I plan my vacation outfit already? This top and these espadrilles, please.
-Love my record player, just bought so many new records, and can't wait for the new Best Coast and Passion Pit.
-I have been going through notebooks like crazy, oh bliss!, this one is my March one.
-OK one more
-I have been buying succulents as presents for myself forever. Love this idea...
-The Clare Vivier collaboration with Other Stories is dropping in three days, are you ready?