When I grow up: run a flower shop

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Flower shop, floral design

Do you ever think about an alternative life? One where you have chosen a different job?
My husband was reading a Chinese horoscope this week. I should have become a policeman and he, who has to be dragged outside his office building, should have been a florist.
We had a whole conversation after, about the dream jobs we imagined for ourselves. I had many (vet, journalist, spy) he a few (carpenter). Even if we are both happy with what we do, we would maybe take different steps if we could go back. Of course it is never too late.
But...but, I am very lucky, 'cause one of the great things about writing is that you can live a different life. You get so far into character that you get to live it. It's called imagination. Beats throwing your whole life around, but maybe that is just laziness talking.

But florist? it made me think...I would love to spend my day surrounded by color, texture, smell, bidding at auctions, strolling the flower market, building relationship with great farms. Sending people away with a smile on their face...Or maybe not
Imagine your Instagram...Flower porn is the new food porn.

Here are some flower power rockstars!

Taylor Tomasi Hill jumped right in to her alternative life, when she left her position at Moda Operandi and became a sought after floral artist, (let's call it that, it certainly requires the creative sensibilities) at TTH blooms. A friend of mine always was fuming about tacky bridal flower arrangements( don't ask) if you have the same pet peeve, Taylor has it down pat.
Flower shop, floral design

Josephine is almost a neighbor of mine, she live-in the Swiss Alps, and has a gorgeous blog and Instagram, where she showcases a wild and minimalistic style.
Flower shop, floral design

Ruby Barber named her flower and garden service after Mary Lennox the character in Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel The Secret Garden. It is a story of the beauty, mystery and rejuvenating qualities of nature. By chance - Ruby's first studio also found itself on the corner of Mary and Lennox Street in Sydney, Australia. Her arrangements are dramatic, baroque, almost if they sprang from a classic Dutch painting.
Flower shop, floral design

Fox Fodder farm is the place I would like to work. A floral and garden design company. Taylor Pattison was raised on a farm, and its the nostalgia for her way of upbringing that she tries to bring to their designs. Oh and if you would like to know how an actual day for one of these lucky girls involves.
Flower shop, floral design

Hattie Fox runs the flower shop at the Ace Hotel in London. Welcome to the jungle says the sign at the entrance. Well I am sold. And I better not tell my husband this ( as a Guns and Roses fan) or he will really start to regret his life choices. Well me and you too, if you check her on Vimeo!
Flower shop, floral design

No, I changed my mind. I want to work at Moon Canyon! Kristen Caissie specialize in flowers and styling for parties and for amazing wreaths. She forages from the Californian wilderness for them, and I am so going to try to make this one next time I am in Italy.
Flower shop, floral design

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