The Perfect outfit: The combo I will be wearing all month...

A quick way to get dressed is not only to manage your famous capsule wardrobe but also to have one outfit formula, that is up and ready to go. For this to work, it has to be versatile and easy to change up. We all know the classics, the LBD, jeans and a tee, striped shirt and flat shoes, but finding one that works for you is the trick. I like to have one outfit formula, per month. That doesn't mean I were the same thing all month, that would be silly. It is more a starting point, a vibe that I go for. Maybe I will get multiples of the same only slightly different, or it is just an inspiration, a current running through the rest of my closet.
Now at the end of summer, when I am already planning for autumn, but it is still too warm to put on anything constricting I have been going for a straightforward formula: Bodysuit, comfortable jeans, and mules.
It's the new jeans, tee, sneakers combo, and even more relaxed. The beautiful thing is that you could also swap a swimsuit for a bodysuit and be ready to jump into any pool anytime. I just had a flashback of that beautiful Levi's ad, with the boy jumping into one swimming pool after another...
Anyway, back to earth, here we go. The outfit combo for August.
The best bodysuits, most comfortable, prefect outfit
1. Ruffled bodysuit. 2. an under 20USD option.3. The bodysuit with the best reviews out there.

1. Uneven hems, on point and under 100US 2. Asymmetric. 3. Love the cuffs on this one! Also check out this affordable option, Express has been making awesome jeans this season. You buy one and get the second pair for 9.90!

Mix and match: