It's all feels right: Margot Robbie's beachy office/outfit

Margot Robbie's office and style, beachy office decor
1. White wool coat 2. Floral puff sleeve blouse 3. Raffia Bayia bag Isabel Marant 4. Leopard headband 5. Relaxed High High rise jeans 6. Belle snake effect and White leather booties

So let's talk about beachy/coastal/beachy farmhouse decor. My folder on my phone with screenshots of beach cottages is exploding; I have a problem! I've decorated a few houses now, and strangely I never went in that beachy direction. I don't understand why. I grew up near the seaside; I go to the beach almost every day. I am happiest when I am in the water; I consider it a big part of who I am.
The house we live in now is on a Tuscan hill, so it doesn't fit that bill. And I am currently decorating two Airbnb's, and even if one of them is literally a beach cottage, I still went with a more mid-century Scandinavian theme.  But I'm done, we put the house up for sale, and the next home unquestionably will be a beach shack.
Because when I thought about this new house, I didn't want to go for a specific style, but a vibe. I wanted it decorated in a way that makes me happy. It sounds simplistic, but how many of us, when renovating, and decorating, really take the time to think about not only what looks good, elegant, lush, fresh, modern, cozy— insert your word here, but also about what feels right?
I thought about it a bit, and the surroundings that make me smile and lift me up are down to earth, sporty, light, airy, and uncluttered.
Sometimes I learned that lesson the hard way. When painting the first house we ever bought, I went kind of color crazy on the walls. Now, I am obsessed with color and color theory. I get obsessive about nuances in colors. It can bug when colors seem off. I won't into details, but if you are a color nitpicker, please hit me up; I can discuss shades for hours. Anyway, in my last house, I used so many of Farrow and Ball's best colors. But after a while, the bright or dark colors tired me. And I had to repaint every single room. In white (Farrow and Ball's many shades of white, but still white), and you know what, my shoulder hurt, but looking at my white walls afterward, was great; they were soothing and energizing at the same time. These last years when living in London, we rented a house, and all the walls definitely go the beige memo. Oof, it may sound crazy, but I just hated to be in those beige rooms all the time. I had to contain myself to grab a brush and insert some crispness in my surroundings.
Anyway, long story short. And coming back on my screenshot folder, one of the space I saved is the lovely office designed for Margot Robbie;s production comp[any Lucky Chap. And especially this homey office.
It is a perfect beach cottage office dream, just imagine sitting here in the morning instead of some bland office space. Can you imagine walking in a flinging your bag over the couch, smiling from ear to ear at your coworkers, ready for the day?
If you are lucky enough to work in a creative environment, this would be an ideal work outfit, stylish, sunny, cool, informal, effortless.
 Especially love the Isabel Marant bag. Come on!
Anyway, expect lots more beach-inspired decor ideas in the next weeks.

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