To make a room feel beachy, you only need one of these lamps.

The best beachy lamps/Margot Robbie office style lamps
1. Cachae short pendant  2. raffia chandelier  3. raffia single wall sconce 4 . ventura chandelier 5 empire chandelier with beaded accents 6. Sinnerlig Beaded lamp.

Seriously that's all there is to it, one large pendant in rattan, raffia, with beads, white or in a golden sand hue to get that beachy vibe in your living room or office. Of course, next, you can clad your walls, add shiplap. Then a cozy white couch with a washable linen cover and a surfboard in the corner, but I, for one, will start with the lamp. I haven't decided yet which one and I am also scouring flea markets—I found lots of unusual rattan chairs and cabinets, but no lamp yet. For now, these are my choices. All of them gorgeous, Which one is your favorite?

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