Why we choose a heat-resistant Marble print countertop, that wasn't marble or quartz

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I did a lot of research before choosing our countertop and backsplash material. I looked at quartz, formica, marble, and recycled glass. I wanted a marble print worktop, but it had to be heat resistant and very easy to clean.

We recently bought a holiday house near the beach that we also will rent out. When renovating and decorating, I focused on making the space inviting but also practical. I've stayed at a few Airbnb rentals recently, and two things make me feel at ease and at home. Of course, a house has to be warm, inviting, but my main concern is; it has to be practical. Especially when you travel with kids or dogs, you don't want to stay in an Airbnb where the decor is too precious, delicate, or difficult to clean. On holiday I don't need the added stress, worrying that I'll mess somebody else place up. I don't like it when Airbnb rentals are filled with trinkets ( they are just all toys in my dog's eyes). And I love it when the kitchen and bathrooms are easy to clean. I like to do a pre-clean before leaving a property—I would never let somebody vacuum my dog's hair, and it's great when you can get the kitchen and bathroom looking presentable in no time.

When designing our house that we knew we would rent out, we kept all that in mind.
With the kitchen, I knew the style I was going for, Scandinavian, the cabinets in a sea sage green with a marble print countertop and backsplash. The marble print was non-negotiable, the kitchen is small, in an open space, and I needed it to make an impact. It had to be, at the same time, modern and timeless.
Most time was spend choosing the material of the countertop and backsplash, and in the end, we choose the same material for both. It looked seamless and beautiful, but I also longevity and practicality in mind.
Marble is gorgeous, but it stains, etches, scratches are challenging to install and are expensive. Not what you would use in a heavy-duty kitchen.
We could have gone in a budget-friendly direction. Ikea sells laminate prints that look great. But I didn't want to have to replace the countertop or backsplash after a few years. Considering the manhours installing it, that could, in the end, still eat at your budget.
After a lot of research, I settled on Dekton. Dekton is a composite of quartz, porcelian and glass. The veins in the marble look amazing; I could get it in any thickness I wished for, it is heat resistant, is restistant to UV light, to stains and scratches, it is non porous.
It was the low maintenance material that I was looking for. And I love the matte look; it looks more modern than a glossy surface. I am very happy with the result, I got to use the kitchen myself before welcoming our first guest, and it was dream to clean.

What kind of countertop material do you prefer? Have you ever heard of Dekton, or are you using another composite?

By the way this is in no way sponsored, strictly my own opinion.

Here Was the Kitchen before:

And here after ( still some details to finish as you can see, but the countertop and backsplash are done)

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