How to decorate your corridor or hallway and make it the star of your feed/house

how to decorate your hallway in 2020

It's funny how Instagram is changing the interior game, not only the esthetic, with the white spaces brigade and the accent walls popping up. I don't know if you noticed, but now parts of the house that were easily ignored, because there weren't spaces you spent a lot of time in, are dominating your feed. Because, boy, do they look good in photos. Take hallways; it is certainly not part of the house that most people used to give a lot of attention, now that's all changing. Lately, corridors inundate my feed. And I get it; this small long space draws your eye in, it fits into the frame, it makes a significant impact on photos. It's an excellent space to showcase your flooring, pretty lamps, a vignette at the end of it, or vibrant paint color. My next paint project will be my hallway; I've been choosing between a few Farrow and Ball colors, and finally, after too many sample pots, decided on Ammonite. I like consistent color all through the house, with the exemption of your hallway. A corridor is no longer only the introduction to another room; it can be the star all to itself. Anyway, there are a few ways to bring your boring old hallway or corridor to life.


If you are lucky to have windows in your hallway, you could leave it white or very neutral, but the moment an entrance because dark and only illuminated by artificial light, new color on the walls can give it interest and warmth. With a small hallway, you could go extra dark, to seem the adjoining rooms look more prominent, but I wouldn't do that in a long corridor, Instead choose a light neutral color that is cozy and interesting, like a taupe, mauve or a blue-grey.

Lay down a long rug.

It is such a beautiful look. When I first saw our old house, the owners had rugs only in the hallways, and it made the house look so lively. The thing about a rug in a hall or corridor is that because there isn't a lot of furniture, it grabs all the attention, so make it a great one.


This is the perfect spot for family pictures, and walking along it will make you happy every single time.

A Vignette.

If there's a wall at either side, use it to hang a painting, put a table and vase with some flowers. It is a lovely way of using what would be otherwise an empty space. Get more inspiration on my Pinterest board.

The starter pack for your hallway:
1. A wooden bench or French console table
2. a rug
3. A sculptural lamp
4. Wall art
5. A vase
6. Picture Frames