My five favorite Green kitchens, and how to get the shade exactly right

I learned the hard way not to experiment too much with color in my house,  made all my mistakes with my first house—and an unfortunate Fuschia wall in a rental that cost me my deposit. I love color, but I have a hard time being faithful to just one. Well, I could marry white, and love it more with every passing year. And I have an eternal crush on beige paired with sky blue. I fall in love with grey over and over again. The room that made me the happiest was my gym in my old house, where I painted the paneling Lamp Room Grey by Farrow and Wall.
But I regret the flings I had yellow, red, and dark blue walls

I never used color on my kitchen cabinets before last year. I always stuck to white or wood.
Cabinets are a commitment. It's a hassle to repaint them and changing them; it's too expensive.
When we put in the kitchen in at the beach house, I fancied dark grey cabinets. But Marlon liked a picture I had of a green kitchen.  Now, green kitchens became a thing two years ago and could have become one of those trends that rules one year and is gone the next. But green kitchen cabinets are only picking up steam. A green kitchen is on its way to become timeless. And that's odd because green is a hard color to get right. You don't want it to be too acid, pukey seventies pea-like, or fifties minty or Chrismassy.  It can be a harsh color; it leaves no room for error.
So after I was on board with the green cabinets, I went back and forth with Paul, our friend, who build my kitchen, to get the exact color. I chose a from a picture and a small sample and agreed to a long-lasting relationship. I wasn't physically there when the cabinets arrived. So with a lot of trepidation I entered the Beach House after the remodel. But the moment I saw them, I was so glad we went for it. A green kitchen perks you right up, and it makes the room.
Here are the Green kitchens I love now and the exact colors used to get them that way.

 Athena Calderone used Ash Grey by Farrow and Ball to spruce up her kitchen cabinets.
 Pierce and Ward used Alligator Alley by Benjamin Moore in Dakota Johnson Kitchen

Green Kitchen Cabinets Casey Wilson Portola Paints , what shade of green cabinets to use
 In Casey Wilson Kitchen Margarita by Portola Paints was used

In this dark Green Kitchen Studio Green by Farrow and Ball was used.