Friday Crush: Dinesen Oak Floors

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Usually, when remodeling a house, I'll start with the floors. Not only does it make the biggest impact, but I'm just a tiny little bit obsessed with flooring; hardwood, ceramics, laminate, LVP, TILES! Drop me at a showroom, and I could spend all day there. But, now that we are living in the house we're remodeling, changing the flooring has been put on the backburner. Not that this house doesn't need it, oof. Downstairs, to match all the fine metallic paint on the wall, there are matching metallic tiles. I've never seen such a thing in a house, and I hope I will never see it again.
The rest of the house has a generic orange-brown tile that I don't think has ever seen better days. I can't wait to rip it all out. But there a lot to do before that.
But, but, you can't choose windows, or paint or a kitchen or imagine your layout if you don't know which material to match it with. So, I have my imaginary floors down.
To make the decision, I've been playing around with the Homestyler app.

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I am trying to match the flooring with what's already in the house—a lot of dark wood. Some of it beautiful, some of it not so, but all in all, there is just too much of it. And there's a tricky staircase with polished dark wood, and busy tiling doesn't go with anything. Not even the app could help me.
I was stuck.
Then I changed my plan; I decided to swap the things in the house that are difficult to coordinate with. Instead of getting the flooring that pairs with the house. Make sense, no? More work, but the result, a floor that I love, is more satisfying.
Long story short, I've spent the next day drooling over Dinesen hardwood floors. The tones in the wood are amazing. I've never seen such stunning hardwood. I love that they are long and broad, making every space serene, spacious, and cohesive.

I won't get a Dinesen floor, I want something more scratch-resistant, per friendly, but already looking at Haro and Balterio, I found similar styles of laminate, with the same dimensions and same tones. Maybe not as pretty, but also not as precious. Still, till I lay down real floors, my imaginary ones are all Dinesen. #NOTanAD