Newest obsession: the orb sconce, and 7 of my favorites

Today I was sourcing the lamps for the Lucca pad. I'm buying furniture and starting to get overwhelmed here. Every time it is the same thing, I know what I want, and then I start looking for it, I run into lots of beauties that distract me. When I come to my senses, I almost always buy the ones that I wanted in the first place.
That would be one of my pieces of advice; rabbit holes are fun. But almost always, if you can afford it, go with your first choice.
Anyway, these are the ones I love, and these are the ones I stared with, the mini orb by Allied Maker


The Natasha Sconce
2 The Lord Sconce
3 The Pearl Sconce by Cedar and Moss
4. The Trapeze
5 The Hoist sconce
6 The walnut sconce
The Minimal Flush Orb