The best dining table/chair combos and where to get those Cesca chairs

It is finally here, the moment that I foolishly expected to arrive last fall; the renovation is done. This week we sanded the wooden floor and painted the last room. We only have to tile the backsplash and fix some little things, but the ruin turned into a house. 

For furniture, we arent go crazy buying new stuff, we have too much in storage that would fit perfectly, and first, I want to get a better feel for it. But one thing we need is a dining room set. We have some beautiful wooden tables, but none fits, so I have been putting together some inspiration boards for Marlon to say no to. Just kidding, and not really. We both can be fussy, till we find the one piece of furniture we love.

I have made up my mind, I think, but I haven't gone shopping for the pieces, I might not find what I'm looking for. In any case, these are the dining room combos that I love and always work. (but I am probably going in a whole different direction.)

An alternative to the Tulip/Cesca combo ( love that one, will always be a classic) 

Cesca chairs tulip table

if you are looking for Cesca chairs, look no further than Etsy, I've linked my favorites at the bottom of this post

The beachy version: white table/leather woven chair ( And the beach lamp mais qui)

The moody rustic modern table


The cesca in the cabin

Minimalist supreme ( a bit cold, but still dreamy)

Some of my favorite chairs: