How to fix a sloping garden, build terraces and a wooden deck

Our two previous houses had beautiful gardens, one we planted all by ourselves, full of plum, apple, and cherry trees, Sharon roses, and bamboo, and the other was a lemon paradise done beautifully by the previous owners. 

Let's say we didn't buy this house for the garden. It seemed the previous owners utilized only the front; it's where they had their sitting area. But in summer, it is mayhem on our street. A constant flow of people going and returning from the beach. And for me, the back garden will always be where it's at.

But this garden was just a slope, there are some trees, a fig, an olive, some oleander, but all in all it was an afterthought. The previous owners had a veggie garden there, and that was it. 

So during the first lockdown, Marlon divided the slope into terraces and built a patio in the back. 

Sometimes building and renovating in Italy goes slow, so to watch him build all this from scratch in record time was a real treat. 

Here we go:

First you start by making the wall higher so they will support the terraces you create. 

Then you build the wooden support for the wooden walls, divide the slope in even spaces and dig where your wall will go.

Then you add the wooden planks for your wall, don't forget to paint it all, and add drainage.

Repeat and start building the deck, start with the pergola. Paint and cover the floor.

And the you enjoy all the hard work!