The one thing your bedroom need right now: pink linen sheets

Tiffany Howell interiors Agent Nateur

It's ironic that sitting here in my metallic pink room, that I can't wait to change, I am looking for a blush, washed pink linen set of sheets to add to my cart. But that is how pink works. I talked about it before, but pink in your interior can be such a tricky color. It can make a room or turn it into something nauseating.

Anyway, if you love pink but are afraid of using the wrong accent or color or going overboard, the perfect place to add it is your sheets. It does read a bit 'bachelorette apartment', but I think there is something sexy about that, even if you have to coax your partner of many years to crawl underneath them. They give a sophisticated and yet carefree vibe to your room. 

I would always go with linen; cotton pink sheets don't work as well. And if you are looking for a specific shade, I would suggest Etsy; there are countless options. Linen can be expensive, even these H&M sheets are a bit on the pricier side, but they will elevate your whole room and are so comfortable and breezy in summer. Another plus, no need to iron them or smooth them. that "I'm making the bed in the morning, so I feel like my life is under control"l crowd probably won't appreciate linen. But linen can hide sloppy and turn it into a laid-back, laisser faire vibe. One last plus, when trying to sell them to a pillow hating partner, a luxurious rumpled linen-clad bed does not need the pillow pile that so many despise. Win-win. 

I am adding these to my basket!