It all feels right: Susannah's beach house in The Summer I Turned Pretty

If you have been sleeping on The Summer I turned pretty, you have missed out. It offers the finest motivation to live your best summer life, and Susannah's beach house on Cousins Island has a kitchen, well, one this good we haven't seen since the last Nancy Meyer movie. 

I had these knives and the holder in the back of my head, but when I saw the colored display on Susannah's backsplash a few days later, I returned to get them. 

The entire house is layered (but not stuffy) coziness, all in pastel green, cream, and shades of pink and blue, with some gorgeous wood furniture. But the accessories, lamps, vases, keyholders, stool, etc., steal the show. Oh, and the story is flawless; cozy, with a tinge of an edge, Jenny Han does it again.

Raffia sconce Exact match

Smeg Drip Coffee Maker Exact match

Green glazed vases

Bronte Pillow

Seagrass glass holder

Vintage ceramic lamp

Pink bedding

Wicker coffee table