Something's got to give: tons of ideas for a Skirted Curtain in your Kitchen and Laundry Room

When we bought the Cedar house, our old house, the kitchen had a skirted curtain; when renovating it, we removed the curtain and replaced it with cabinets. If you have dogs in the house, you will understand why; a curtain is great fun for them, they will stick their heads in there and lick your oiled De Buyer frying pans. So a skirted curtain is not something I will personally use in a kitchen, although it has that perfect Something's Got to Give kitchen look. 
Bu,t I am considering adding it to the laundry room. Our cabinet in there is a plain Ikea one, and it would be tempting to hide the washer and dryer and that cabinet in one big swoop. Woosh.
And all the houses I have been obsessed with lately delivered some striking examples; the skirted curtain is having its moment and going all out. If you don't have dogs ( cats would hide out there and be adorable), consider it in your kitchen, look only at Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brents' one to see how relaxed it can look; it adds a ton of character, it looks carefree and chic. 

Ariel Ashe's house

Phoebe Nichols design

 Lucy William's house