The most perfect powder room courtesy of Amber Lewis

Amber lewis Hidden Hills bathroom powder room

Guys, have you been drooling like me over Amber Lewis's new project in Hidden Hills? Imagine coming home from a long day under the palm trees and 101 traffic and laying down on that velvet chaise lounge—or cooking pasta while trying not to stare at the zellige ceiling. I am head over heels for the powder room; only Amber can make something so cottage core as something scalloped; (Matilda Goad, I'm looking at you) and make it casual, luxurious, and feel old-school European. Now I do not need a sink, but you know, if you'd like one, scour First Dibs like Amber or Etsy. 
And talking about cottage core, I just bought these scalloped baskets from Zara, which are super cute. Looking around for scalloped items, I came across this breccia marble serving tray at Anthro, which might be the most beautiful serving tray ever. Anyway, here are some more of my other faves.