Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

 On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I tend not to go too crazy. I stay close to home. I head to my go-to stores and buy what I already had on my wishlist. Or even better, I purchase what I already own and what needs a refresh or even, the items I need multiple of.

So I bought a new pair of Mother's Weekenders, the comfiest, casual, stylish jeans—a New Anine Bing sweater. I have the one in black, but the cream is darling too. And her black shirts Anine Bingare the best in the biz. 

The most brilliant buy is some jewelry at Jennifer Meyer. It will only increase in value annually; this cutie is 70 USD off! 

I wore my Vibi Venezia to death, so in goes a new pair, and if you play it strategically at Luisa via Roma, they give you a discount, valid for an hour, but comes with a whopping 50% off. 

Doen is always a stop, and you cannot go wrong with a new dress, a sweater, or their pointelle tops. I scored some new underwear. 

So, guys, don't go crazy; buy what you love.