Cosy up space for fall for us who are afraid of commitment ( to a color)

Want to add some autumnal charm to your space without committing to a complete overhaul? Here is a  cozy tip that won't tie you down like a pumpkin spice latte addiction.
So, I was listening to this interesting podcast with Jake Arnold, and he had some really great tips for changing up your space without breaking the bank. One idea he mentioned was having a few different sets of slipcovers for your sofas, which you can switch out with the seasons. Not only is it an easy way to cozy up your space, but it's also a great way to embrace your inner autumn girl (or guy!). 

Speaking of autumn, have you noticed how the seventies are making a comeback in a big way? Those rich, moody colors like cognacs, plums, and aubergines are everywhere. It's a low-commitment way to experiment with a different aesthetic, and who knows, maybe it'll even convince a summer girl like me to give it a try! 

Oh, and if you happen to have an Ikea sofa, you'll definitely want to check out the new 70s collection from Bemz. They've got all kinds of cool textures like checked velvets, chunky corduroys, and a modern take on a long pile chenille. 


Here you can find the Bemz seventies collection